Breeding the British Butterflies

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Breeding the British Butterflies

A practical handbook covering all aspects of butterfly breeding, including general techniques, equipment and hints on how to breed each of the British species. 60 pages, 6 figures, 5 plates, Revised 2001


  1. Why breed butterflies?
  2. Preparation of foodplants
  3. Alternative foodplants
  4. Foodplants for adult butterflies
  5. Breeding cages
  6. Disease
  7. Hand-pairing techniques
  8. Breeding methods and techniques
  9. Notes on species:
    • Swallowtail
    • The Whites (Pieridae)
    • The Nymphalidae
    • The Satyridae
    • The Lycaenidae
    • The Duke of Burgundy
    • The Skippers (Hesperiidae)
  10. Useful references

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