The Amazing World of Stick and Leaf-Insects

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The Amazing World of Stick and Leaf-Insects

Written by Paul D. Brock

This is a superb, comprehensive guide, for all those intrigued by these groups of insects. Topics covered in detail include structure, fascinating facts (such as longest, shortest, most dangerous), life history and development, defence behaviour, enemies, collecting, breeding (including trouble shooting), preserving, taxanomic studies, important collections in Museums etc. around the world and elaborate stories, beliefs and poems. Part 3 outlines the major known species around the world on a regional basis, i.e. Palaearctic (Britain, Europe and Mediterranean). Afro-tropical, Nearctic (U.S.A. and Canada), Neotropical, Oriental, Australian and New Zealand. A section on Fossils is also included. Finally the appendices include a very comprehensive glossary of the technical terms used in the description and classification of stick abnd leaf-insects. Hardback A5, 184 pages, 46 figures, 26 black and white plates and 40 pages of colour plates (containing 83 photographs and 4 drawings/paintings of insects and their habitats). (1999).

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