Sammy the Slug wins his way to fame

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Sammy the Slug wins his way to fame

Sammy the Slug was feeling miserable about being a slug. With his slimy coat and appetite for petunia plants, he suspected he was the least popular of all the small animals in the Hornby family's garden. Then kind-hearted Woody, the woodlouse, offered to be his friend and find a way to cheer him up. Discovering that Hugo Hornby was putting on a Slug 'n' Snail race, he persuaded Sammy to take part. Sammy's willingness to help himself led to his life changing in the most spectacular way.

Like the other books in the Tales and Truths about Garden Minibeasts series, 'Sammy' is aimed at young children of primary school age. In addition to the story, the book contains factual information on slugs and other minibeasts, including where to obtain pet minibeasts; and where to go for further information. There is even a glossary of entomological terms at the back of the book.

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