The adventures of Scarlett the Ladybird

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The adventures of Scarlett the Ladybird

Scarlett the Ladybird was determined to enjoy life to the full, now that the sunshine was heralding summer, and the Hornby family's garden, where she lived, had burst into life with spring flowers, plants and newly emerging wildlife. Little Lizzie Hornby, feeling dejected as her brothers didn't want to play with her, was looking for a friend. In quite an extraordinary way, Scarlett and Lizzie become firm friends and learn a lot about each other's way of life, while experiencing enough exciting adventures to last them a lifetime. In the end, they realise the comfort of family and friends is what really counts.

Like the other books in the Tales and Truths about Garden Minibeasts series, 'Scarlett' is aimed at young children of primary school age. In addition to the story, the book contains factual information on ladybirds and other minibeasts, including where to obtain pet minibeasts; and where to go for further information. There is even a glossary of entomological terms at the back of the book.

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