Woody the Woodlouse who forgot how to roll into a ball

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Woody the Woodlouse who forgot how to roll into a ball

If you've read 'Basil the Beetle's Scary Adventure' you will want to know about the escapades of Woody, the little woodlouse who forgot how to roll into a ball, and his friend Spinny the Spider! It is only when the two friends meet up, far from home, that they find out that they both have problems, and manage to help each other out - in a rather unusual way!

Like the first book in the Tales and Truths about Garden Minibeasts series, 'Woody' is aimed at young children of primary school age. In addition to the story, the book contains factual information on woodlice and other minibeasts, including how to look after them as pets; where to obtain pet minibeasts; and where to go for further information. There is even a glossary of entomological terms at the back of the book.

Widely acclaimed by many well known naturalists, this new series by Sonia Copeland Bloom brings a new approach to engaging children with the natural world.

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